Sunday, September 16, 2007

What's Important In Life?

I have been to many motivation seminar, got fired up for about 1 week then the fire died down. When big problems in life came, when reality hit, when people started to look down at us, we gave in to the environment, we gave up.

I have been to a seminar called Basic Principle of Life Expanding brought by a very nice guy- mr. Stevanus Tamzil. Well, like the name, it's about expanding our lives, challenging us to look into ourselves to find what the one thing that make us move, motivated, get going, stand up in storms, stand up for what we believe in.

Coming home from the seminar, I really get motivated even until now. Storms came and went, here, I still stand tall to go all out to achieve my dreams. Long hours into the night, wake up early in the morning, read more books, watch more video, listen to more audiobooks, all of those even motivated me more.

Then I found something that even more astounding, that's the Attraction Accelerator Program. It jump kick me, and now I am turbo charge to get my dreams.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Best Practices for Email Marketing

By Lauren Hobson

If you run a small business, then you probably already know that one of the most successful, cost-effective marketing strategies available today is email marketing. Email campaigns are great for small businesses because they are typically inexpensive, very targeted, and the results are measurable, allowing you to track things like click-thru rates, opens, bounces, and resulting web traffic patterns. But like most other marketing initiatives, there are some basic strategies you can use to improve your chances of success. To make your email campaign as effective as possible, try to follow these best practices:
1. Make sure your e-mail looks related to your other marketing materials, especially your web site. Always include your logo, and keep the same “look and feel” so that your email campaign matches not only your web site, but all of your other corporate branding and marketing materials as well.
2. Design for the “Preview Pane” first. The “preview pane” is the area in an email tool (such as Outlook) that displays even if a user doesn’t actually open the email. Most preview panes are between two and four inches tall, so use this space wisely. Be sure your company name is clearly displayed, and include an interesting, benefits-oriented headline that encourages the reader to actually open the email and take some type of action.
3. Use links to drive traffic to your web site. One of the advantages of email marketing is that you can add links that take your readers directly to more information, to an online ordering page, or to another targeted page on your web site. These links can also help you determine reader interest in certain topics or information.
4. Don’t overload your email with photos and graphics. Many people have the images turned off in their email programs anyway, and email security filters may block the email from even reaching your customer’s inbox. Instead use good, clean html formatting and use fonts, headlines, colors, and other layout elements to make your email piece attractive.
5. Use columns in your email layout to improve readability and organization. Because columns have shorter lines, the text is more easily read and understood by most recipients. Columns also allow you to fit more content into a space than just plain margin-to-margin text, which gives you more options for organizing the information as well.
6. Always use a professional ListServ service to deliver your email campaigns. These services ensure that your list management functions (like opt-in/opt-out, sp@m compliance, etc.) are handled appropriately, and also provide you with the ability to track and measure campaign results.
Lauren Hobson is the Editor of Biz Talk Newsletter, a free monthly publication designed to provide small businesses and non-profits with tips and techniques to help them make the most of their web sites and marketing efforts without spending a lot of money. Biz Talk is published by Five Sparrows, LLC.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Press Release

Successful Internet Marketer Offers People the Unique Opportunity to Help Feed 1 Million Hungry Children Around the World While Also Feeding Their Own Minds with His Valuable Success Secrets!
May 25 - Singapore - Stephen Pierce, a world-renowned Internet marketer and the author of the popular ebook, "Under Oath: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing," wants to provide you with the opportunity to help feed hungry children … while also helping yourself.
Pierce, who is currently in Singapore conducting an Internet marketing seminar, has created a 4-day fundraising campaign designed to provide 1 million hungry children around the world with plates of food.
Here's how the campaign, which runs May 26-29, works: when anyone visits and downloads Pierce's free success report entitled, "The Power of the Third Influence," Pierce will donate a plate of food to the Feed the Children Charity on their behalf.
The free report includes such never before revealed information as:
" How Pierce went from having 2 cents to his name to earning millions of dollars online" How to turn around your life with a simple shift of association" How to double your productivity and get more of the right things done" And much more
"The truth is every day millions of children are going to bed hungry and being in Singapore has really driven this point home to me," Pierce said. "That's why, while I'm here, I want to provide 1 million children around the world with plates of food - and to reach that goal I'm going to give all those who donate to my campaign a free report that reveals exactly what I've learned about achieving success during my remarkable business career."
"Believe me when I say, anyone who donates to this campaign is going to make a real difference in the world … while making a positive difference in their own future as well," Pierce said. "And what could possibly be better than that?"
Pierce is no stranger to hunger himself.
As a young man, he went through all of the following: he was in a gang in Washington, he was shot in the leg, he declared bankruptcy several times, and he finally was forced to go homeless all before ultimately turning his life around.
Today, Pierce and his family run a huge number of highly successful offline and online businesses that generate millions of dollars each and every year … and now he wants to reveal all of the most closely-guarded secrets of how he achieved that success to anyone who will donate to his campaign and help feed a hungry child.
To make a donation to Pierce's Feed the Children Charity Campaign and make a true difference in the world, or to learn more, please visit Remember this campaign only runs through May 29, so don't delay!
ABOUT STEPHEN PIERCEStephen Pierce's life is a modern day fairy tale. He literally went from being kicked out of school and then evicted from his apartment and cast out on the mean streets of Washington, D.C. where he was actually shot in the leg to heading up a family business empire that includes numerous highly-profitable online and offline businesses and three different coaching clubs. Today, Mr. Pierce, who is the author of the popular ebook, "Under Oath: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing," is well-known as one of the powerhouses of the Internet and likes to spend his time teaching others how to replicate his success.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who Can do Internet Marketing

In the world of Internet Marketing, your age is of no important.
In the world of Internet Marketing, your color is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your degree is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your day job is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your IQ is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your social status is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your disability is of no important
In the world of Internet Marketing, your size is of no important

What is important In the world of Internet Marketing is the size of your desire
What is important In the world of Internet Marketing is the size of your perseverance
What is important In the world of Internet Marketing is the size of your willingness to sacrifice
What is important In the world of Internet Marketing is your willingness to be open to new idea



Monday, May 14, 2007

Internet Marketing

I have read, read and read for 4 weeks now. At last I started to take action into the world of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is a very interesting new toy for me. I really am very tired of my day job. Dealing with people is one of the most difficult job I ever got. Internet Marketing can really take my mind off the daily routine by creating new routine. I put an emotion i.e. Fun into this new routine.

I have a very supportive wife. Her daily routine is taking care of my child. So Internet marketing really let us start to built a multiple source of income without having to leave our daily routine. I can still earned money from my day job and invest it into internet marketing.

My wife is very enthusias in this, so we divide our job. I learned and looked for a niche market for the internet marketing, and she find article related to that niche market, then we both looked for affiliate product to sell in the internet marketing.

I really hope to be able to become a professional internet marketer. A multiple source of passive income up to 50.000 a month is very challenging.

We started to do our MAP (millionaire Action Plan), hope to finished it soon, since we do not want our success to be delayed.

We promised each other if that if we really want to be success in this internet marketing thing, we have to
take action for Internet Marketing
stop procasinate for Internet Marketing
change our attitude for Internet Marketing
start taking new habit for Internet Marketing
doing things we do not like to do for Internet Marketing

In the future we will involved our son into this Internet Marketing business.

So guys, talk to us about internet marketing, share with us about internet marketing.

See you guys at the stage of World Interent Summit.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007


Horray, this is the first weekend since I started my blog. A lot of things has happened since. Yesterday, I brought my family to watch SPIDERMAN3 or Spiderman 3 at Sun Plaza Medan. Know what?
The line (to buy ticker) started at 8.00 in the morning. My wife went there at around 10, guest what, the line is very long. Luckily she met her friend that was queing at the front, so to cut the story short, we get the tickets and watch it.

It was a dissappointment, really, the action was probably 1/2 hour, too much talking.

Okay, thats for now

Friday, May 4, 2007


Hello friends,

Start my day with, "Got to get a replacement for my internet connection". Here are a few option.

Indosat 3,5 G broadband. Quota : 1 GB Rp.350.000,- / month. First 500 account will get free modem (have to subscribe for 2 years, I think).

3 G Network
Quota : 250 MB Rp.99.000,-/month.
Quota : 2 GB Rp.499.000,-/month.

2,5 G Network = GPRS
Quota : Unlimited Rp.350.000,-/month + on time activation fee Rp.250.000,-

Hm... I am still thinking which one to sign up for. Any suggestion?

By the way, my mom was operated yesterday in Penang, her condition is stable now. Thanks for all of your prayer and support.

Today, I had dinner with my friend, Mr. Herbert at Famous Cafe. Trying to open his mind to internet marketing stuff. May be I should invite him to one of the internet summit to wake him up. Kind of stubborn guy. Just kidding man.

About Famous Cafe, they have a free wifi connection. The food is not that good, but the drink is ok. But the best is the internet connection, it's quite fast too, since no one is using it.

Ok, I am kind of sleepy now. See ya

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